Predator4 Masterbuild

ÔÇó The concept of this instrument is inspired by industry standard designs that have turned into globally recognized instrument standards over the years. However, we have enriched them with our own elements that give the instrument a modern touch, both visually and acoustically.
ÔÇó The body is made of selected alder and ash top board, the neck of beautifull carpathian maple. All wood is selected from our family stock, which we have been enriching with new pieces every year for almost five decades, taking great care of their volume weight. The result is a comfortable and lightweight instrument with long sustain and dynamics.
ÔÇó We use high quality Italian lacquer and apply it in very thin layers. This process results in a thin and hard layer that allows the wood to resonate excellently.
ÔÇó The instrument comes with an original, strong and lightweight case, embroidered with silver thread from the renowned Slovak manufacturer PEMA. Included in the shipment is a certificate of authenticity, adjustment keys, belt locks, a Grunt cleaning cloth and a pencil.
ÔÇó We are proud to manufacture instruments in Bardejov, Slovakia, from the finest quality wood types, harvested exclusively in our region. We have been researching their properties for many years, and we believe that our knowledge, together with our individual approach to each instrument and handmade work, contributes significantly to the overall quality of our instruments. More details about this instrument can be found below.

If you seek more information about our instruments feel free to contact us at info@gruntguitars.com


Posledn├Ż polrok som mal v hlave t├║┼żbu n├íjs┼ą pre seba nov├Ż n├ístroj. Po ├┤smych rokoch hrania na Fender JB som za─Źal h─żada┼ą v├íhovo ─żah┼í├ş n├ístroj. Sk├║┼íal som n├ístroje od r├┤znych v├Żrobcov, ale ┼żiaden z nich nemal zvuk ako Fender JB, ktor├Ż som h─żadal. Kamar├ít mi poradil str├ínku Grunt guitars z Bardejova. Na str├ínke ma zaujali vyroben├ę n├ístroje, p├┤vod dreva, ale aj zvuk a tak som nev├íhal kontaktova┼ą v├Żrobcu Martina Jur├ş─Źka. Martinov pr├şstup bol skvel├Ż. Od prvej chv├şle bol ochotn├Ż pom├┤c┼ą, poradi┼ą a tie┼ż ma pozval do Bardejova vysk├║┼ía┼ą jeho n├ístroje, ktor├ę mal moment├ílne v showroome. Po dvoch hodin├ích sk├║┼íania n├ístrojov sme sadli k stolu a sp├şsali moju predstavu o n├ístroji. Po─Źas v├Żroby ma Martin v┼żdy informoval alebo poslal fotku z aktu├ílneho priebehu v├Żroby. Basgitara bola hotov├í za 3 mesiace. Od prv├ęho momentu a prv├ęho hrania som bol a som s basgitarou maxim├ílne spokojn├Ż. N├ídhern├Ż vzh─żad, skvel├Ż zvuk a ide├ílna v├íha. Profesion├ílna a prec├şzna pr├íca Grunt guitars. Vrelo odpor├║─Źam ka┼żd├ęmu. ─Äakujem Ti Martin.


Carpathian Maple


Aguilar OBP3




22 stainless steel




2x Grunt hanwound singels AlNiCo5




Elixir nickel 45-105





Neck finish

natural oil

Body finish

high gloss polyester




Compound 10"-12"